Technical training service

We develop the Orang plug-in feature for the general needs of 3D footwear professionals and provide free installation and technical training services for companies that purchase plug-ins. For the shoe model enterprises, the factory's 3D personnel to do the most direct technical training, from professional knowledge, to the actual use of the Orang plug-in, allowing employees to quickly enter the work state.

Talent delivery service

In view of the current problem of “recruiting people and keeping people difficult” in the 3D circle of footwear industry, we provide one-stop talent service for talent customization, training, transportation and arrival. We can quickly train the corresponding 3D modeling talents according to the actual needs of the shoe enterprises, so that the company can obtain the most suitable 3D modeling talents at the most reasonable cost.

Software customization service

Based on the development of universal 3D modeling software, the company also customizes the software that matches its needs for the workflow and special requirements of some mold shops and footwear design companies.

Yuhuan mold efficiency improvement

ChallengeTraditional modeling is slow, personalized design is more and more complex, and development and modification are more difficult. As a result, the workload of 3D modelers is increasing, and experienced 3D modelers are decreasing year by year, and the talent gap is serious. The salary of 3D modeling employees is still rising sharply, and enterprises are facing the dilemma of “high salary and hard to recruit”.solutionThe introduction of Orang software speeds up the modeling and allows designers to easily handle difficult tasks. Novices can also do their jobs with Orang, and their efficiency has increased by 45%.