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Shenzhen Gorilla Software Co., Ltd. was established in May 2018. It is committed to the shoe industry, ceramic industry, 3D printing software custom development and 3D personnel training and delivery, providing brand solutions for the brand. Gorilla Software has a senior technical research and development team, a professional training team, and a professional after-sales service team.

In 2018, the company launched the Orang Software Technology Exchange Conference for the global footwear industry, providing more in-depth solutions for enterprises through conference exchanges. Orang software is also exported to Vietnam, India, Turkey, Indonesia and other overseas countries.

In May 2018, after the establishment of the Shenzhen company, the first generation of Orang footwear 3D software was released. The Orang shoe software improved the 3D modeling speed by 30%-50%. In August of the same year, the entire footwear industry in the mainland reached 30%. %.

In 2019, the Orang 2.5 version was released. At the same time, the international version was released, and the olive branch of the rhinoceros company was obtained. Orang was invited to enter the official website to connect with the international.

At present, the traditional 3D modeling speed in the industry is slow, which is due to the fact that the 3D construction software is not industrialized. From the footwear industry, Orang Footwear Software has developed more than 100 features for the footwear industry.

Looking forward to the future, Gorilla Software will focus on the world, strengthen its talent pool, innovate constantly, develop more efficient and intelligent functions, and use technology to enable brand owners to improve overall process efficiency.